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How do you Specify the Language in an XHTML

Define a primary language with the lang attribute, and then call out the secondary language(s) with lang attributes on elements in the document. Leave out the lang attribute and define it in the various divisions of the document. <div lang=”bn” xml:lang=”bn”> Bangla content </div>

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How to automatically forward a page in HTML

<html> <head> <title>How to automatically forward a page in HTML</title> <meta http-equiv=”refresh” content=”0; url=http://www.example.com”> </head> <body> <h1>How to automatically forward a page in HTML</h1> </body> </html>

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What is HTML?

HTML means Hypertext markup language. This is not a programming Language. It is only markup language.A markup language is a set of markup tags. The purpose of the tags is to describe page content. The definition of HTML is HyperText Markup Language. HyperText is the method by which you move around on the web — […]

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