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PHP: syntax error, unexpected ‘(‘ in C:\xampp\php\php.ini in cmd mode

Maybe error_reporting = E_ALL & ~E_NOTICE uncomments. Please follow below statement ;error_reporting = E_ALL & ~E_NOTICE

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image corrupt or truncated

It’s very simple, Your image may be corrupted. Please remove your previous image & upload new one.  

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Could not open input file – artisan in laravel installation

F:\xampp\htdocs>php artisan serve Could not open input file: artisan It’s very simple. You are trying from root. Just go to your project with following command F:\xampp\htdocs>cd laravel then try F:\xampp\htdocs\laravel>php artisan server F:\xampp\htdocs\laravel>php artisan serve Laravel development server started on http://localhost:8000/  

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Bootstrap: How to make dropdown navigation Parent links an active link?

please add below js, hope it will work jQuery(function($) { $(‘.navbar .dropdown’).hover(function() { $(this).find(‘.dropdown-menu’).first().stop(true, true).delay(250).slideDown(); }, function() { $(this).find(‘.dropdown-menu’).first().stop(true, true).delay(100).slideUp(); }); $(‘.navbar .dropdown > a’).click(function(){ location.href = this.href; }); });

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How big is a Petabyte, Exabyte, Zettabyte, or a Yottabyte?

8 bit is equal to 1 byte 1024 byte is equal to 1 kilobytes 1024 kilobyte is equal to 1 megabytes 1024 megabyte is equal to 1 gigabytes 1,024 gigabytes is equal to 1 terabyte 1,024 terabytes is equal to 1 petabyte 1,024 petabytes is equal to 1 exabyte 1,024 exabytes is equal to 1 […]

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river:ingroup friendlytime:hours:singular in elgg

Please check root directory “languages” folder is missing or not. otherwise check languages/en.php and update your version wise en.php file.  

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XAMPP, Apache – Error: Apache shutdown unexpectedly

10:53:47 PM  [Apache]     Error: Apache shutdown unexpectedly. 10:53:47 PM  [Apache]     This may be due to a blocked port, missing dependencies, 10:53:47 PM  [Apache]     improper privileges, a crash, or a shutdown by another method. 10:53:47 PM  [Apache]     Press the Logs button to view error logs and check 10:53:47 PM  [Apache]     the […]

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Reversing a string in JavaScript

Method-1: var myString = $(‘#your_id’).val(); var reverseString= myString .split(“”).reverse().join(“”); Method-2: function reverse(s) { var o = []; for (var i = 0, len = s.length; i <= len; i++) o.push(s.charAt(len – i)); return o.join(”); } alert(reverse(‘rawnA niassoH’));

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How to disable skype in Firefox browser?

Step 1 Click the Firefox button in the upper left corner of the Firefox window and select “Add-ons” to open the Add-ons Manager tab. Step 2 Select “Extensions” from the left pane and your Firefox extensions are displayed in the right pane. Step 3 Click the Skype extension’s name to select it. Step 4 Click […]

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License key PhpStorm 8

License Key PhpStorm 8 User Name : EMBRACE ===== LICENSE BEGIN ===== 43136-12042010 00002UsvSON704l”dILe1PVx3y4″B3 49AU6oSDJrsjE8nMOQh”8HTDJHIUUh gd1BebYc5U”6OxDbVsALB4Eb10PW8″ ===== LICENSE END ===== User Name : TorReviver ===== LICENSE BEGIN ===== 09574-12042010 00000N7tVkjChpCjDvLjvELNOsgIeH 1POKglQCIddVHUwb6RDtMpzpzeXi0Z RGN7yqI340MhKOu1odUVLb40g5HUF4 ===== LICENSE END ===== User Name : Learn Programming ===== LICENSE BEGIN ===== 63758-12042010 00000Ryqh0NCC73lpRm!XVcxFChJ2g TUR2lZtlLXrPLbQ66Gs8MHs51RvF2y agoDlzne08Zm8VXbts1UMKE!EW4v8G ===== LICENSE END ===== ===========WebStorm 10.0.1============== […]

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