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How to check OS and version using a Linux ?

For debian based system cat /etc/*_version or for a Red Hat based system cat /etc/*-release

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What is LDAP?

LDAP is a Lightweight Directory Access Protocol. A directory contains objects; generally those related to users, groups, computers, printers.LDAP gives you query methods to add, update and remove objects within a directory.LDAP is also used to store your credentials in a network security system and retrieve it with your password and decrypted key giving you […]

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What is Shell Script ?

The shell is the utility that processes your requests. Shell Script is series of command written in plain text file. Shell script is just like batch file is MS-DOS but have more power than the MS-DOS batch file.

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How to configure Web Server on Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7?

Port : 80 (default) Daemon : httpd configuration file :  etc/httpd/conf/httpd.conf Web page location : /var/www/html/ Check httpd : [root@server8~]  rpm -qa|grep httpd if not install package just install httpd package [root@server8~] yum install httpd -y   // installed your package [root@server8~] systemctl  restart httpd       //restart your package [root@server8~] systemctl  enable httpd    // enable your package [root@server8~] firewall-cmd      […]

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Hello world script in Bash

Make a file under /mnt as helloworld vim /mnt/hellowrld #!/bin/bash echo Hello World To run this file need permission, following command make permission chmod u+x /mnt/helloworld now run your file /mnt/helloworld ======== Output : Hello World  

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What is Bash Script?

Bash (Bourne-Again SHell) is a Linux and Unix-like system shell or command language interpreter.Bash scripts an extension of .sh (an.sh for example). Bash is useful when most of what you’re doing is communicating and piping between various programs (many of which are also standard). And there are many environments where bash (or at least a […]

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what is active partition?

An active partition basically means that the computer will boot from this partition. We can say this is the bootable partition that contains the operating system. Only one partition on each hard drive can be set as an active partition or bootable partition. For example, if you are using Microsoft Windows the partition that contains […]

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