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What are the Best SEO techniques to use in 2015?

Optimize your web site page around one topic with limited keywords Create Responsive Websites design. Website should bearing an https extension URL structure should be short, descriptive & help to categorize your website. Abundant Content with a Focus on Graphics Optimize page titles Utilize proper heading tags Optimize image alt text Grow natural links Increase […]

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Why not to use automatic directory submission software?

Basically auto submitter can be seen as spam by the search engines, especially if they are submitted many times in a short period of time. If that is the case Google will ban the site. The best way to have a site indexed is through linking and perhaps part of your fee could be used […]

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how to increase page rank? Tips by Bangladeshi SEO expert.

 Blog Commenting.  Forum Commenting.  Directory Listing.  Social Media Profile.  Guest Blogging.  Use of NoFollow tag.  Internal linking structure.  Spammy Neighborhood.  Acquiring Special Backlinks.  Say No to Spammy Activities.  Use NoFollow attribute sparingly.  Make your comment section NoFollow.  Submitting Website Different Directories.  No spammy outbound links.  Don’t use Porn words.  Don’t make multiple sub-domains.  Don’t involve […]

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SEO tips and tricks.

SEO  tips and tricks from SEO specialist of Bangladesh. 1. Write Unique content 2. Create  Unique keyword phrase 3. New and Fresh content 4. Optimize for keywords 5. keyword phrase in Title tag 6. keywords in your URL 7. Unique Content 8. Make your website accessible to search engine spiders 9. Buy related domain name […]

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Google’s Penguin and Panda updates

Google make two major algorithm updates — Panda and Penguin — that saw many a site plummet down the rankings, as they were penalized by the new rules. This was because the changes were implemented in order to rank poor quality sites, such as content mills and link farms, down and give more weight to […]

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SEO Mistakes

      Keyword Spamming and Spamdexing     Invisible and Semi-Visible Text     Use of the Comment Tag     Information Pages     Redirect Pages     Optimization for Relevant and Off-Topic Keywords     Use of Alphabetically Advantaged Titles     Power of One Pixel Image     The “Bait and Switch” Technique     IP Address Check or the “Food” […]

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SEO Tips 2013

1. Content :  Write good content that is updated regularly. 2. Showcase Coverage : It is crucial to have a news or press room on your site as it provides a source for update content. 3. Kewords : Select the right keywords. uses tools such as google Analytics to see which keyword phrases result in […]

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Underscore vs. hyphen in url in SEO

Underscore vs. hyphen in url in SEO There is no difference between them.You can use underscore or hyphen in url .Both are same in point of SEO.

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What is effect between www.example.com vs. example.com for SEO?

What is effect between www.example.com vs. example.com for SEO? They have no difference between them. If you want your site to be accessed with both ways. Here is no problem for SEO.

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How to improve your site pagerank?

How to improve your site pagerank? Unique Content Unique content is the king always. Every user want to know solution about their query.If your content is unique user will share with their friend. Don’t copy and paste in your site.This is harmful to improve your site page rank.Also don’t try to hidden content in your site.Remember […]

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