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Fatal error: Allowed memory size of 134217728 bytes exhausted in WP

it’s a memory issue on server side. you should check your php max memory limit on your hosting. ask your hosting provider to increase it if you can’t do it manually yourself

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/wp-content/themes/mytheme/inc/slider.php in wp

simple solution : include_once WP_CONTENT_DIR . ‘/themes/mytheme/inc/slider.php’;

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TypeError: f.easing[i.animatedProperties[this.prop]] is not a function

this error occurs when a newer version of jquery and jquery.easing is used with an older version of the call to animate.easing. Do a search in your javascript of your theme for the text “easeout” or “easein” or “easeinout”. I solve this problem different way. I got this problem when I try to active animation […]

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WordPress Developer in Bangladesh

Why WordPress? Create SEO friendly blog with WordPress WordPress is known as the best SEO friendly CMS WordPress is extremely easy to use, even for the most novice user Make your blog social bookmark enabled with WordPress Ability to design your blog using your photos and videos What I do: Creating the wordpress themes. Converting […]

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How to change database name in word press?

Please go to root folder and open wp-config.php May be line number 19. define(‘DB_NAME’, ‘wordpress’); //  chane your database name replace with “wordpress”. /** MySQL database username */ define(‘DB_USER’, ‘root’); // please set your user name replace with “root” /** MySQL database password */ define(‘DB_PASSWORD’, ”); // please set your password /** MySQL hostname */ […]

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