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R Variable Assignment

var_assign1 valid Variable can use in number,underscore var_assign% Invalid Can’t use ‘%’.  dot(.) and underscore allowed. 2var_assign invalid Variable can’t start with number .var_assign , var.assign valid Can start with a dot(.) and the dot(.) with join. .2var_assign invalid Variable started with dot & number _var_assign invalid Variable starts with _ which is not valid

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R data types

R not like other programming languages like C and java,the variables are not declared as some data type. R basically object base.There are many types of R-objects. The frequently used ones are − Vectors Lists Matrices Arrays Factors Data Frames These objects is the vector object and there are six data types of these atomic […]

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R script

# My first program in R Programming > strVar <- “Hello, World!” > print ( strVar) [1] “Hello, World!” Comments #This is R comments  

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Hello world in R

print(“Hello World”)

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R graphics engine version 12 is not supported by this version of RStudio. The Plots tab will be disabled until a newer version of RStudio is installed.

This warning message mean that, The current RStudio version is 1.0.143. Download and install the newest version. > RStudio.Version()$version [1] ‘0.99.896’ Please update your version.

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