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How can I get python help from cli

Just run bellow command in your terminal > python manage.py help

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django.db.utils.OperationalError: no such table: auth_user

just run below command from root directory.>>>python manage.py migrate

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scrapy version check with CLI mode

It’s very simple, just run below command.>>> scrapy version

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how to open Jupyter notebook in chrome on windows

Just make chrome as a default browser and launch the jupyter . It will work

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Expectation find out with pyhton

The expected value of a random variable X is given by: E ( X ) =∑xi pi E(X) = 1( 1/6 ) + 2( 1/6 ) + 3( 1/6 ) + 4( 1/6 ) + 5( 1/6 ) + 6( 1/6 ) = 3.5 In python >>> import numpy as np integer = [1, 2, […]

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anaconda mysqldb install

Just run following command conda install -c anaconda mysql-python

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How do I create a superuser account in Django

Just run following command $ python manage.py migrate $ python manage.py createsuperuser

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django install with anaconda

Just open anaconda cmd & run following command conda install -c anaconda django

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Libraries for data science in Python

Fundamental Libraries for Scientific Computing IPython Notebook NumPy pandas SciPy Math and Statistics SymPy Statsmodels Machine Learning Scikit-learn Shogun PyBrain PyLearn2 PyMC Plotting and Visualization Bokeh d3py ggplot matplotlib plotly prettyplotlib seaborn Data formatting and storage csvkit PyTables sqlite3

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Method overloading example in python

class Localbus: def sayLocal(self, busName=None): if busName is not None: print(‘Hello ‘ + busName) else: print(‘Hello ‘) obj = Localbus() obj.sayLocal() obj.sayLocal(‘Alif’) Output ============= Hello Hello Alif class Human: def sayHello(self, name=None, age=None): if name is not None and age is None: print(‘Hello ‘ + name) elif age is not None and age is not […]

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