Zend Anwar

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Automation Software Company in Bangladesh.

Office Automation involves the planned application of integrated information handling tools and methods to improve the productivity of people in office operations. Although the handling of information by office people is the focus of this new technology, other aspects of the office will be affected. These include factors such as the organization of functions and lines of reporting, training for new methods, work space design, travel patterns, branch office location, home vs office work, hours of work, employee morale, and job classifications.

Offers Project Management Services by deploying teams on demand for departmental support and project deployment, implementation or integration tasks and responsibility.Provided with complete client satisfaction on project sustainability, constant supply and support on demand reliability, quality service assurance, team dedications and outlines feasible investment opportunities.

Our Products are given Below:

  • Human Resource Management System.
  • Attendance Management System.
  • Payroll & Pay Slip Management System.
  • School & College Automation Software.
  • University¬† Automation Software.

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